IBS 2024 is the annual NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Las Vegas, where you can find over 1,700 exhibitors, special events, and the official show home of IBS, The New …
We took the new smart lock to the IBS exhibition and received a lot of praise from so many customers.
We perceive each door as harboring a blessing, every entry and exit as a sacred ritual. Our smart locks, imbued with safety and reliability, radiate warmth and blessings. Opening the door invites sunshine, symbolizing blessings streaming into your life. ERU Smart locks safeguard not just property, but also bestow blessings upon your household. Every opening serves as a prayer, while every closure is a moment of gratitude. May your home be filled with sunshine and happiness, protected by our locks, bringing you peace and blessings.

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